Attention Legal Professionals

Attention Legal Professionals

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  • Upload service documents for immediate processing saving you significant time and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on shipping costs alone each year.

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What other people, are saying about us?

“I have found the server system reliable and flexible. As well I found admin willing to problem solve creatively when issues arise.I have found the steady extra income helpful to my business. Recently I have also become a client for serving my own documents out of my region. The response time for serves was right on and the price is right. I have recommended paralegals to join this company and add process serving to their service offerings. Those who joined are happy to be aboard.”
Jane Scharf, MJS Legal Services, Ottawa, Ontario
“I have been a client of Liaison Process Serving for years. They handle virtually all my process serving jobs in Ontario. Why? It is convenient to use one company for service in all major cities in Ontario. Once the process serving job is uploaded to their website, I don’t have to keep track of it. If there is a problem with the service address I provided, I get an email; once three attempts at service have been made I get an email; once the job is successfully served I get an email. I am not aware of any other process serving company who charges the same rate for every major city in Ontario. If a client calls for an update of service of their document, I can log in to the website, and advise my client in real time what the status is of their document. “
Marshall Yarmus, Civil Litigations Paralegal, Toronto, Ontario

“Our firm has been with the Liaison Process Serving for a number of years. They are very reliable and efficient in what they do best. Liaison makes it easy to request legal document services and the ability to monitor the status of each case using ValetServe, their online program. This helps our office accurately keep track of all cases ensuring the service is completed on time which is comforting to us and our clients. The difference between Liaison Process Serving and other process servers we have used in the past, is their ability to  cover a vast service area along with their quick and efficient program, which is a huge time saver allowing us to accomplish more throughout the day. I would encourage anyone in the legal profession to try them out."
Fiona Snyder, Christensen Law Firm, Cambridge, Ontario

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